Just wanted to give you a quick note to let you know I thought the book was fantastic. Really enjoyed the quick pace and insightful observations.
— Dave Hunt :: VP Operations at Tindell's, Inc.
Behind Your Back is now required reading for our New Construction Channel sales team. If your company revenue and margin depends on production homebuilders, you should incorporate the principles in Behind Your Back into your team sales meetings. It’s a solid education for your new sales team members and an equally solid reminder for your veterans who may have slipped into “cruise control.
— Timothy Rethlake :: VP of Sales Enablement at Hearth & Home Technologies
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1. What sales reps did to win business.

2. What sales reps did to lose business.

There are four main parts that coincide with the natural timeline of the new Client acquisition process:

1. Achieving awareness 

2. Mastering the meeting

3. Navigating the negotiation

4. Amazing your account

Each part contains 12 rules to live by.

If my math is right, that’s a total of 48 rules to live by. About one per week for a year excluding holidays, vacation days, and the day you’re hungover after the Super Bowl.

Here’s the best news...

None of this will blow your mind.

You can start doing the things in this list immediately.

On behalf of Purchasing Managers everywhere... we wish you would.


Here’s a short list of questions we’ll answer in the book:

•  What’s the #1 question I have to be ready to answer?
•  What’s the guaranteed way to get my phone call returned?
•  How can I handle the “Transparency” demand effectively?
•  Should I believe the guy when he says I’m 2% high?
•  How do I relate to a Purchasing Manager when I have shoes older than he is? 



Here is my promise:

If acted upon consistently and thoughtfully, this list will win you more business.

This list documents how the best salespeople won attention, respect, and ultimately more business.

It will do the same for you.