Hartmann was born into the lumber business. The son of an LBM manager, Bradley began working in lumber yards at the age of 14, chasing customers’ trucks around the yard, re-stacking bunks of 2x4s, and occasionally racing the forklifts. 

Throughout high school and college, Bradley worked in various segments of the LBM industry: mulling windows, delivering cabinets, and working in a pre-fab door shop.  

Upon graduating from the University of Illinois with a degree in Spanish, Hartmann was hired by national homebuilder Pulte Homes. 

Beginning in customer service, Bradley spent 8 years in the field, progressing from Superintendent to Project Manager to Area Manager. He then transitioned into an Area Purchasing role, buying material and labor in seven midwestern markets from Ohio to Colorado. He enjoyed his years at Pulte and earned an MBA along the way. 

In 2011, Hartmann launched Red Angle, Inc., a training and consulting firm helping lumber and building material firms eliminate the frustration, confusion, stress, and lost time associated with selling to builders. 

As President of Red Angle, Hartmann's core services include consulting services on marketing and selling to national homebuilders, helping sales managers and general managers drive incremental sales, Behind Your Back workshops for sales professionals, negotiation training workshops for leaders at all levels, and keynote speeches.

Hartmann has written four books for the industry and teaches at Purdue and Oklahoma State University. His Behind Your Back Newsletter is read by thousands of business leaders each month. Hartmann lives in Dallas, Texas, with his wife and two boys.

:: c) 630.234.7321

:: bradley@behindyourbackthebook.com

Every now and then, I come across consultants or executives who catch my attention because they just think differently than everyone else. Bradley sees the world in a way most don’t & his style is unorthodox to a purpose: he brings superior insights, an intriguing and entertaining communication style and an offbeat (yet very professional) use of humor to business challenges.
— Ian Heller :: President at Modern Distribution Management


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